DIY papercraft guide

Papercrafting is a joyful art that requires no extra skills and experience. Anyone can join it to kill his boredom. Some people with extra skills follow paper crafting techniques and create lots of amazing things. Here, I am going to mention some important papercraft techniques. These techniques aren’t expensive to follow. You can create different amazing objects by using these papercrafts. Let’s check the list to know what I have brought for you.

Papercraft Ideas


Scrapebook paper craft


It’s a very interesting paper crafting technique where you save memories in hard copy. People who love their families and friends place memorable photos in albums and decorate them with artwork to preserve beautiful memories. Scrapbook creating was fun till 1980 and later, it became an industry. You can get a scrapbook from the market. Place photos in it and embellish it with your artwork to make it more attractive for viewers. There are many online platforms for scrapbookers. They visit these platforms to share tips and techniques with others.

Card Making

paper craft of card making


It’s a hundred of years old tradition to exchange greeting cards on the eve of New Year, Christmas and on other special occasions. People buy printed greeting cards. Currently, homemade greeting cards are getting immensely popular. It can be a special gift for the receiver because the giver has invested lots of time, devotion and effort in it. It lets you know how much he does for you.

Decorative Paper Flowers

decorative paper flowers

Another beautiful papercraft is to create decorative paper flowers. The best thing about them is that they never wither. You can use them to decorate your dressing table, room corners, walls, and even your balcony. Flower making isn’t limited by age. Young and old people even teenagers can enjoy paper flower making art.


paper craft of decoupage

Decoupage is a centuries-old papercraft. In the 17th century, it was considered the best alternative for painted furniture for poor people. So, Decoupage is an ancient art. You put glue on bits of paper and paste them on different items to create a beautiful image. You only need some pieces of colorful paper, scissors, and glue. You can embellish furniture and crockery by using the Decoupage.

Papier Mache

papier mache paper craft

Do you remember your elementary school days? In those days, you would be surely gone through this papercraft experience. You cut paper strips, dip them in glue and apply them on an armature. When the mache dries, paint it with beautiful colors and add some patterns to it.


origami paper craft

It’s an ancient technique of papercraft used in Japan. The Japanese used to fold the squares of papers intricately to form animals, boxes, and flowers. It doesn’t require glue, pencil marks or scissors. It’s solely produced from folds of a square paper.

Paper Cutting

paper cutting paper craft

This German art is basically known as Scherenschnitte. It’s hundreds of years old art that needs only a sharp craft knife and a piece of paper. You can create different things by using it. It doesn’t need glue. However, you can use colors and paintbrushes to add colors to these images.


Quilling paper craft

Another interesting papercraft is known as quilling. In this art, you roll thin strips of paper to form different shapes. Then, attach them to create a new image, flower and decorative pattern to embellish the greeting card. Quilling was initially seen in the Renaissance age and later, it became a popular papercraft that’s still in use. You can decorate your mirror, dressing, bed crown and walls by using beautiful quilling patterns.


Paper craft paper making

Paper-making is also an art in which you recycle the scrap paper and make unique sheets out of them. Recycling paper is greatly helpful to maintain natural beauty. It’s also a unique papercraft to create innovative things out of paper. You can create different sheets to add beautiful objects to them.

Paper Collage

paper craft paper collage

It’s a part of paper cutting art. You can create a paper collage by using the same paper cutting technique. Use scissors to cut paper and add glue to create some paper collage. Paint the images in beautiful colors.


Paper craft stamping

Stamping is a great papercraft. You engrave something on a hard paper and use it as a stamp to add more beautiful objects and images to your greeting cards. Some people make stamps on potatoes. Take a sharp knife and engrave a reverse image, alphabet or shape on the potato. Cut the sides in-depth so that you could stamp anything without the sides. Currently, ready-made stamps are also common. But creating an original stamp by using potato or hard paper can be a very interesting art. Potato stamps are only valid for a short time. If you want to use the stamp for a long time, create a stamp on wax. You can use a stamp pad in different colored inks.


Stenciling paper craft

Stenciling is a kind of drawing different patterns of flowers and objects on a piece of paper. Then cut them with scissors to add the pattern on the scrapbook. You can directly draw patterns and flowers on the scrapbook and paint beautifully. It’s an ancient art and people used to stencil on walls to make them beautiful.

Matting and Layering

Matting and layering paper craft

This useful technique is used to adorn scrapbooks, greeting cards, and pictures. It doesn’t require special cutting tools. You only need to create layered paper to give a beautiful touch to different objects. Select a colored/simple paper and add layers to it. You can add as many layers as you want to use. The paper can be glossy, matte, contrasting or patterned. You can create beautiful layers by using a die cutting machine. I will recommend you to use different sets of dies with larger shapes. Some die cutting machine brands include Sissix Big Shot and Spellbinders Grand Calibur.

Paper Rosettes

paper rosettes making

It’s a very simple technique to create attractive paper rosettes. You can use these rosettes to embellish different objects. Some people think that it’s not easy to create rosettes without a scoring board. It’s not true. You can still create as many rosettes as you want. But it will be a bit longer a task. You can score and fold the paper with a scoring tool and a ruler. You need square sheets of paper or 12 inches strips. If you don’t have a long strip, glue two small strips and make the one long strip. Put buttons on the center of the rosette.

Paper Pulp Painting

paper pulp painting paper craft

It’s a very simple and easy art to build different images with the help of paper pulp. It was started in the 20th century.  Currently, it’s a very popular papercraft in the rural areas of the South Asian countries to create kitchen utility baskets. Large pieces of hard paper are folded to create different useful objects.

I have listed here a few famous papercraft techniques. There may be a lot of others besides them. You can use all of them to create an impressive piece of art to impress others. Follow any of these papercrafts to create innovative objects and embellish different things.


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