Card-making art

Card making brings immense pleasure and releases stress. If you love card making and want to use this art of creativity, there are lots of things to learn as a beginner. You learn while moving ahead in this field. However, I am going to discuss some important tips you should follow as a beginner.

Basic Items for Card-making

Cards: To create a card, you need hard plain paper. People use different types of paper for making greeting cards. It should be thicker and weighty than the standard paper. If you use a standard paper, the paint colors and decorative objects won’t stay on it.

Glue/Tape: You require tape/glue to stick different objects like paper flowers, mache or other embellishments. I will recommend you to buy Cosmic Shimmer adhesive that dries quickly and gives a neat look to the pasted objects. The majority of cardmakers also use Christina Griffiths. If you want to buy tape, make sure that it’s sticky on both sides. Single-sided sticky tape isn’t much durable.

Knife/Scissors: A pair of scissors is also important to cut flowers. The expert cardmakers use multiple pairs of scissors in different sizes. However, you are a beginner. You can select a small-sized pair of scissors to start with it.

Cutting Mat: A thicker cutting mat is also required to protect your surface from glue, ink, and colors. It shouldn’t be soft because you can’t mark lines on the card by using a soft surface. A crafting mat can be a good choice. You can also choose a glass mat to avoid glue and ink spots.

Ruler: Select a durable metal ruler to get measurements accurately. Don’t select a glass ruler because it isn’t much durable.

Trimmer: A paper trimmer is also required to trim papers neatly.

Embellishments: You can select brads, gemstones, lightweight buttons, glitter, ribbons, and other colorful objects to decorate your cards.

Ink/Pen/Pencil/Colors: Pen/Pencil is required to draw an object. Add inks and colors to make it beautiful. Select your favorite colors. Use dark colors for an outline or to fill the inner portion of a flower. Select light colors to fill the outer portion of objects. Get handy information regarding color mixing to create some unique colors.

Die/Stamp: You can use the ready-made stamps and dies available in the market. These dies can create beautiful designs. These stamps can make your cards more attractive and unique. Use them to make borders or fill the inner sections of a pattern with the dies.

CardMaking Ideas

Here are some cardmaking ideas to begin with this innovative art. Check them and start with one of them.

Use Real Flower Petals

Use original flower petals

You can create a beautiful card with natural flower petals. Take some petals of lily or rose and paste them with glue to a standard plain card. Decorate them with beads and gemstones to make sparkling. Add some colorful lines by using paint colors. Make a partition and add a beautiful wish message to it.

Use Stickers/Ribbons & Colors

Get some phrase stickers like “Happiness, Bravery, Success, Beauty, Health” and others from the market. Draw some boxes on the outside of the card. Cut stickers and paste in the boxes. Decorate them with a few thin ribbons. Add some colors by using a paintbrush and use a few stamps on the sides of the phrases to give a new look to your card. On the page inside it, write a beautiful message for the recipient.

 Use Lead Tubes & Ribbons

card making with lead tubes and paint colors

Lead tubes are available from every stationery shop. You can get a few lead color tubes to use them to create an embossed border of different objects. Draw some flowers on the card and use these tubes. Add some beautiful colors to fill these flowers. Use some decorative material like gems, buttons, and ribbons on the corners.

Natural Objects

You can use some natural objects to create an innovative card. Draw a cup of coffee and stick some coffee particles in it by using the glue stick. Add some grass blades to show a grass floor. In the same way, use a small patch of velvet or net to decorate it. You can also use the waste of erased pencil to create unique flowers and patterns.


You can use a piece of zipping, make a flower out of safety pins and glue the center with a button. You can also use some colorful paper pieces to create beautiful designs. Add some woolen patterns and made a few teddy bears holding them. Put some sand grains with glue to create the sight of a beach. It will make your cards unique and matchless.


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